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I am a guy with petrol running in my blood and a V12 in my chest cavity. i have a dog with an attitude problem and my girl frnd is convinced that i am having an affair with my Scorpio. I will try to offer you best advices on how to maintain your SUV, and how to save this world :) bleh.

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How SUV’s can help the concept of carpooling

There are a few things that no one likes. Say, depleting ozone layer, melting polar caps, traffic jams, getting late for work, pollution, heat, rising fuel prices, public transport… you get the idea.

It’s not as if there is no solution though, it is most probably the only solution that solves so many problems and more than ‘quite-a-few’ people have already started it. Without building further suspense I’ll tell you that I’m talking about carpooling. I’ve also seen websites that can be used to find fellow poolers- yes, in India! It has begun… In fact, a few sites also give the option of finding poolers through sms!

Now, I have not used it (till now) but it seems like the general way of functioning is that people travelling on similar routes can tag along with the person who owns the car and he gets some points from the websites. The points can be redeemed for petrol and stuff.

How is car pooling helpful??
The simplest example is- imagine 5 guys going to work in their 5 respective cars. They occupy their respective space on the roads, contribute their respective share of pollution and pay their individual share of fuel. Now imagine all 5 of them in 1 car. 5 times less pollution, 5 times more empty roads and 5 times reduced costs on fuel! Forget 5 guys, take just 2 people and you have still reduced pollution, congestion and fuel costs by HALF!

Now for my idea- using SUV’s for car pool. The main problem with car pool is the congestion that might happen inside the car… but SUV’s, as everyone knows, have that problem tackled already. They are more spacious and provide enough room for 5 people to sit extremely comfortably while also keeping their bags in the spacious last row (please don’t call it a dickey). With a little adjustment, 6-7 people can be seated inside happily with their bags. So the car owner, if using one of the websites, can easily adjust more people and earn more points (don’t get greedy and start stuffing people, though).

I know, not everyone travels in large groups but with SUV’s they have a comfortable option to try and expand the pooling group while reducing personal hassles.

SUV’s are also many-a-times accredited with better suspension (they should be, considering they are supposed to handle the “off-roads” as well). This is a plus point for the Indian roads especially if a group is going to be travelling inside the car.

You can say that a car working on full load will give reduced fuel efficiency and to top it off SUV’s, world over, are considered to be heavy fuel consumers. But, here in India we do things differently, Indian SUV’s do not follow the same route and give similar or sometimes more efficiency than the sedans (users, including me, have been able to achieve an economy of around 15 with their Scorpio).

(afterthought: maybe that is the reason Sumo was so popular with private taxi operators)

All in all, save the environment people… lets car pool (I’m registering myself today!). I really think car pooling may turn out to be a very good option when compared with public transport, once it actually catches on. It gives all the same benefits, in fact more, while reducing the disadvantage.

Why females should not drive a vehicle..

disclaimer: I AM NOT A SEXIST!!

As I said, I’m not a sexist… but that doesn’t mean I can’t discriminate. Anyone who has ever been on the road (by anyone I mean even the poor frail street dogs) would know that this particular heading is one of the most important topics of our times.

Let’s get straight to the point, The Incident:

The day has gone well and I’m off from office a little early.

I’m comfortably sitting in my car with the air conditioning turned on along with some soft music.

The signal is red and I’m in the centre lane.

A female arrives to my right, in her CRV… and then it begins…

She tries to overtake me (on a red signal, on an empty road) and I later realised that she had somehow thought the right lane is best suited for her when she actually wanted to go left!! This part I still understand but what I don’t get is why she couldn’t wait for me and the one car behind me to pass? While she was cautiously trying this stunt (and I praying that she knows her turning radius well enough not to hit my month old Scorpio), a guy was about to cross the road in front of her.

She then, in an attempt to overtake that man as well, rev-ed up loudly and sped ahead for a feet or two before landing her tyres on the poor guy’s feet. Again, this part I understand but what I don’t get is why did she panic and put the car in reverse gear to come back and hit my front bumper?!!

The quarrel, etc. that happened after that is irrelevant to the point I am trying to make. If you have been observing the road of late, Females and SUV’s are becoming a more and more common match. I can’t remember how many times it has happened that I have guessed a female driver correctly by simply looking at how the car is moving, cutting, etc. I may be sounding too hard but it is really difficult to control my emotions, especially when my month old Scorpio that was standing quietly on a signal has taken a hit on one of the most empty roads I’ve seen.

Now, females can get panicked, nervous and confused a lot and very quickly too. It is because of this, that even a small car like Zen can turn into a mania on roads, so when they are given SUV’s to drive… I think I’ll be taking the train.