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I am a guy with petrol running in my blood and a V12 in my chest cavity. i have a dog with an attitude problem and my girl frnd is convinced that i am having an affair with my Scorpio. I will try to offer you best advices on how to maintain your SUV, and how to save this world :) bleh.

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And yet again some more rules I have found...This has to be the craziest...god these many outrageous rules can only happen in India

Q. Can I use mobile phone while driving?
A. No. For 4 & 2 wheelers both.
(Neil: understandable law, I completely endorse it!)

Q. Can I keep my mobile phone switch on while driving?
A. If you are alone in the car, you shall switch off your mobile phone while driving any motor vehicle. (Section 250 (A)(2) of M.M.V.R.1989)
(Neil: what is this even supposed to mean?? be cut off from the world while driving? Your house caught fire behind u but sorry, u won’t know till u have completed your long drive from Mumbai to Goa because we couldn't contact u!!)

Q. After receiving call or SMS on mobile phone, Can I park my vehicle and use mobile phone?
A. No. Since the phone is supposed to be switched off.
(Neil: why? J
ust tell me why? What sense does this make?!)
  • u also cant smoke while driving! Its a serious offence and your licence can be cancelled with immediate effect.
Don't be sad though... u feel the need to take out the frustration on someone else? Well u can! Just find a rickshaw/taxi driver.
  • As per MMVR- 21(29)/177 u can take him to the police if u feel his rickshaw/taxi wasn't clean enough!
i love the law, i really do... but the nincompoops who make it are drunk while doing so, I guess!!
Whatever stupid laws the government creates Indians always get the best of them. I came across a lovely photo of how the SMART mallus obey the law in Kerela, where the pillion rider need not wear a helmet...

Also friends, remember, this is India... we have a way out for everything...
its also written that the 'Challaning officer' cannot stop your car until you do visible traffic offence. So basically do the crime, just hide it well.
lol... till later... CRIMINALS!!

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I found some more funny traffic rules ....

now the circus, we r doomed if the police does not have a breath analyser but suspects u of drunken driving!

We will be instructed to take 9 steps, heel-to-toe but if we:

i. are unable to keep balance while listening to instructions.
ii. begin before instructions are finished.
iii. stop while walking, to regain balance.
iv. do not touch heel-to-toe.
v. use arms to balance.
vi. lose balance while turning. vii. take an incorrect number of steps.
We will be detained!!

We may also be instructed to keep one foot approx 6 inches off the ground and count aloud till further notice but if we:
viii. start swaying.
ix. use arms to balance.
x. hop to maintain balance.
xi. put the foot down.
We will be detained!!
note: i dont know about u guys but for a country that hardly ever wins any medals in the Olympics, this seems real tough to me!
and then,
  • driving without the rear number plate being illuminated is a serious offence!
  • we can not stop on a zebra crossing (start looking out for the ever fading line that no one cares about)
  • the driver can not leave the vehicle with the engine turned on. Not even if the car is in neutral with the hand-brakes pulled!! so basically anyone sitting inside should die in the heat! (maybe this is a population control method in disguise!)
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Its surpirising that the rules i will mention here are not new rules but we have never heard about them

I firmly believe that the traffic police is working their a** off in the heat and pollution on the roads while being paid peanuts for it but they can't be taking all that frustration out on us! A recent incident got me pumped up and searching about the traffic laws in our wonderful country. Without further delay, I present to you, some useful, some useless and some absolutely psycho laws, etc. that need to be followed by us as well as the police.
Here goes...
lets start with the basics,
  • the process of getting a chalan (ticket) - officially called... “Challaning”!!
  • the dude who comes to us to give us a ticket - officially called... 'Challaning Officer'!
very hinglish, the traffic police are definitely up-to-date with the lingo it seems.
now something that will never happen,
  • Our 'Challaning Officers' are supposed to address us as “Sir/Ma'am”!! and... They cant talk rudely to us! It's the law!
moving on,
  • ever had that guy annoying u with his excessive honking? Drag him to jail!
According to Rule 170 (1) Motor Vehicles Rules, 1993 and Rule 178 (1) Motor Vehicles Rules, 1990, u have this right.
  • Ever annoyed someone with excessive honking? Did he drag u to jail?
Counter file a case on him! According to Section 122, Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 u have this right.
This one i love,
  • Realisation dawned upon the U.P. Govt. and they have given total exemption to women from wearing a helmet under rule 193 U.P. Motor Vehicle Rules '90 (because of absence of brains inside??!! :p)
I am still looking for more rules that are funny...let me know if any of you guys have had a funny incident with the ‘Challaning officer’..hehe

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Everyone strives for their share of the Great American Dream, even if they are not American! And that should explain why two of India’s biggest companies are fighting for the ownership of General Motor’s ‘HUMMER’ brand.

According to Just-Auto an ‘unnamed official’ at Mahindra has said that "Mahindra is very keen on acquiring the Hummer". The other company is said to be (the one that is possibly going after every brand in the world) - Tata. Mahindra and Tata have, both, been similar-minded on the whole acquisition scene with them showing interest in bidding for Jaguar and Land Rover (both European but owned by Ford) and the right to own Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta. Jaguar and Land Rover, like almost all other companies that they bid for, fell into Tata’s lap. As for this new desire to get HUMMER, probably the most American of all American cars, we’ll have to wait and watch.

It would certainly be interesting to see Mahindra get HUMMER… for simple reasons:
· HUMMER is the car for the American army.
· Mahindra’s Jeep is its equivalent for India’s.

· In the SUV market, Tata’s got the good old Safari, the stunningly revamped Sumo and now to top it all off, Land Rover!
· On Mahindra’s side, we have the unbeatable Scorpio, the reliable Bolero and if it works out… HUMMER.
(you can count the good old jeep in it if you want, although its high time for an upgrade)

It would just keep the competition levelled and plus, I would really love to see the army get its hands on some HUMMERS!

It could still be wishful thinking though, since none of the companies have made an official statement on the same. The best we got is, the fact that General Motors is having meetings with its dealers regarding all the possibilities for its HUMMER brand. The reason for this may be the 60.2% dip in sales it saw in May ‘08, compared to May ‘07. Let’s also not forget the rising oil prices that can’t be helping the situation much for the car that falls in the worse group for fuel economy (actually that is a point even Mahindra may have to work on… if they get it, that is.).

Mahindra, moving on, also has plans to launch itself in the American car market in the coming few years. They’ve planned a four-cylinder diesel pick-up that was earlier named Appalachian (??!!) but reports say they have dropped the name and plan to go with something alpha-numeric. It will be galloping around 150 horses of power with its displacement standing at 2.2 litres. Its engine has been produced exclusively for the US with the help of Bosch and AVL. The car is expected to be hitting the American market by the end of 2009. (if they get HUMMER by then, their tag line can be: we paid you a lot of money, now we are here to make some back!)

Coming back to the Tata, their interest may have died down a bit after the big purchases it has already made. Mahindra’s unnamed source has been heard, sounding enthusiastic as ever (I can understand, I would be too!), saying that, "The U.S. market might not be able to afford their own HUMMER any longer, but India is a growing and strong economy. When Indians like something we go out and get it, no matter what the cost, because we know how to make it work for us."

So, are these my isolated feelings or maybe its all of us who want the competition going and more Hummer's on the Indian roads with the army's camouflage colours? What say?