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And yet again some more rules I have found...This has to be the craziest...god these many outrageous rules can only happen in India

Q. Can I use mobile phone while driving?
A. No. For 4 & 2 wheelers both.
(Neil: understandable law, I completely endorse it!)

Q. Can I keep my mobile phone switch on while driving?
A. If you are alone in the car, you shall switch off your mobile phone while driving any motor vehicle. (Section 250 (A)(2) of M.M.V.R.1989)
(Neil: what is this even supposed to mean?? be cut off from the world while driving? Your house caught fire behind u but sorry, u won’t know till u have completed your long drive from Mumbai to Goa because we couldn't contact u!!)

Q. After receiving call or SMS on mobile phone, Can I park my vehicle and use mobile phone?
A. No. Since the phone is supposed to be switched off.
(Neil: why? J
ust tell me why? What sense does this make?!)
  • u also cant smoke while driving! Its a serious offence and your licence can be cancelled with immediate effect.
Don't be sad though... u feel the need to take out the frustration on someone else? Well u can! Just find a rickshaw/taxi driver.
  • As per MMVR- 21(29)/177 u can take him to the police if u feel his rickshaw/taxi wasn't clean enough!
i love the law, i really do... but the nincompoops who make it are drunk while doing so, I guess!!
Whatever stupid laws the government creates Indians always get the best of them. I came across a lovely photo of how the SMART mallus obey the law in Kerela, where the pillion rider need not wear a helmet...

Also friends, remember, this is India... we have a way out for everything...
its also written that the 'Challaning officer' cannot stop your car until you do visible traffic offence. So basically do the crime, just hide it well.
lol... till later... CRIMINALS!!

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  1. Atul Manjerekar said...

    i cant believe this is true?! how did u ever find out?

  2. Dhrupad said...

    nice read.. no idea there were so many crazy rules man!! ...

  3. madhura said...

    an interesting peice of information... hilarious....i hope the traffice policman does rad this... ;)

  4. Shubhashish said...

    Wow! Indians are so intelligent breed but our laws are the most stupid! I think we should nominate our laws for guinness book of records!! Category: The most stupid laws in the world!

  5. Anil said...

    Don't tell the cops about these rules, I am damn sure they themselves don't know about this.

  6. Ashish said...

    what the ..ck are they .uts, but funny ;)

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