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Its surpirising that the rules i will mention here are not new rules but we have never heard about them

I firmly believe that the traffic police is working their a** off in the heat and pollution on the roads while being paid peanuts for it but they can't be taking all that frustration out on us! A recent incident got me pumped up and searching about the traffic laws in our wonderful country. Without further delay, I present to you, some useful, some useless and some absolutely psycho laws, etc. that need to be followed by us as well as the police.
Here goes...
lets start with the basics,
  • the process of getting a chalan (ticket) - officially called... “Challaning”!!
  • the dude who comes to us to give us a ticket - officially called... 'Challaning Officer'!
very hinglish, the traffic police are definitely up-to-date with the lingo it seems.
now something that will never happen,
  • Our 'Challaning Officers' are supposed to address us as “Sir/Ma'am”!! and... They cant talk rudely to us! It's the law!
moving on,
  • ever had that guy annoying u with his excessive honking? Drag him to jail!
According to Rule 170 (1) Motor Vehicles Rules, 1993 and Rule 178 (1) Motor Vehicles Rules, 1990, u have this right.
  • Ever annoyed someone with excessive honking? Did he drag u to jail?
Counter file a case on him! According to Section 122, Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 u have this right.
This one i love,
  • Realisation dawned upon the U.P. Govt. and they have given total exemption to women from wearing a helmet under rule 193 U.P. Motor Vehicle Rules '90 (because of absence of brains inside??!! :p)
I am still looking for more rules that are funny...let me know if any of you guys have had a funny incident with the ‘Challaning officer’..hehe

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