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I just thought of writing on some aged honchos with scope for improvement

Few would know that it was 1941 when the Jeep- car type and the brand, both- came into existence. India, thanks to Mahindra, had the Jeep (im talking bout the car type, not the brand) within 5 years. Further, few would know that Jeep (car type) is considered to be for SUVs… what monkeys are to humans. The only difference being that Jeeps and SUVs both continue to evolve till date. Also, you wouldn’t want to become a monkey but you would love to own a Jeep!!
The evolution to SUVs took 20 years in the US market. In India it took us 50 years!! It was Tata Sierra, in 1990s… remember that car? In the 50 years, Mahindra started making agricultural tractors, pick up vans and also more version of the Jeep, including the smaller, city-popular "Classic" but no SUVs.
After Tata Sierra, the market opened and SUVs are now as much a part of Indian roads as regular cars. This post of mine I have written to talk of such SUVs that hold potential for an upgrade or revamp or… you get the idea.
Tata Sierra:
The 3 door SUV.
· It holds nostalgic value for many.
· It design had potential to be worked on.
· It also carried a gear for overdrive.
· The engine will need to be worked on though… desperately… it gave 89bhp@4500rpm!! and 190Nm@2500rpm!!

Tata Safari:
It received an upgrade a little over a year ago but many things still need to be worked on. Im talking about their Dicor range, the others are not even worth talking about. Overall it had a very macho look
· The gear box, steering, irritating right-aligned placement of the pedals. The car is just not "fine-tuned" well enough; these are small but irritating things that you expect to be taken care of.
· The interiors! The interiors! Still not fine… just giving it a wooden look doesn’t make it good! The finishing is just not there and the plastic is bleh!
· Engine really shows itself only after reving it till about 1600.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara:
Has come to India after visiting the world but not been able to make any mark here.
· Horrible mileage- below 10!
· High maintenance cost… weird for a Maruti car in India!
· Plastic interiors… really?!

Mahindra Scorpio:
It has been revamped with the mHawk and automatic versions within the next year and I think they have been spot-on with their research of what the consumers wanted more.
· The only thing they can still improve on further is lengthening the seating space but then, that is compensated by the nice and high seating.

Mahindra Bolero:
Another SUV by Mahindra, this time in the extremely cost-economical range. It received an upgrade last year but I still feel it has more potential.
· Looks can be upgraded (although personally speaking, considering the low cost, getting good modifications is a good option and that may be the reason why there are many modified Boleros around).
· Although it is working well as a pick-up truck also… more power can be provided.

Mahindra Jeep- Classic:
Last but not the least… back to the beginning. Classic should definitely be brought back… and if what I have heard is true, it is!!
· It has a strong nostalgia factor to it
· Its look can be modified by accessorising it according to personal preference.
· The interiors need to be up-to-date with the current scenario.
· Suspension, is probably the only major factor that needs to be looked at.


  1. Dipendre said...

    Nice compilation. Mahindra seems to have a good track record of making SUV's.

    Hence, looking forward to their new vehicle, XYLO. Its not really a SUV but the spy pics look nice.

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