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are DELHI drivers BETTER than their MUMBAI counterparts??

NO, period.
sorry to break the entire summary in the first line itself but its a fact. I am, today, breaking a myth I have been hearing of for a long time, every time traffic in the city is discussed.
Come on guys (and gals, since they have also commented to my posts), this is INDIA and every metro has similar drivers (I dont mean chauffeurs I mean drivers).
Driving pleasure is greater in Delhi, marginally, not due to the miraculous existence of better drivers in that city but because it is the goddamn capital of this country and due to that it is witness to:
  • better quality roads
  • more fly-overs
  • stricter police restrictions
how does being the capital result in these 3 ultra important points coming into creation? because my friends, the capital of our wonderful country has cars equal to Mumbai, Kolkatta and Hyderabad combined!
And most importantly, it has 90% of the VVVVVIPs (politicians) staying there and they do not like travelling on bumpy roads. Also, like Ostriches (who hide their face in the ground and think the predator cant see them), they make the city they live in look beautiful and think that the entire country looks like this!
Anyways, forget about them... if I start I wont be able to stop myself. Coming back to the main point, the drivers in both these cities are equally skilled, in fact the public transport is much better in Mumbai (im talkin about buses not metro) but our Pandus here are happy taking their small bribe n letting us go where as the thulle over their have an axe on their head to keep traffic in control.
Systematic traffic lines followed in Mumbai is very visible when you compare it with any other cities in India, therefore Mumbai definitely has more patient drivers than their counterparts.


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