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Indian SUV are more fuel efficient than the big American SUV ?

Are you waiting for me to answer??!!
Come on folks, we all know the answer... For anyone who is still in doubt, the answer is a big and loud YES! The single largest selfish reason for people in the U.S. to have started dumping the idea of getting an SUV is the rise in fuel prices. And because of this, the monstrous American SUVs (who are HEAVY fuel consumers) have become unaffordable and impractical. Our Indian counterparts, however, will keep finding a rising market share due to the practicality of the Indian SUVs.
I’m calling them practical because they keep in mind the needs and wants of the Indian consumer.

Big family? – More Space!
Wanna save money? – Fuel Efficient!
Horrible Roads? – Great Suspension and ground Clearance!
Neighbour’s envy? – Stunning Looks!

So, in the country where “Bada hai to behtar hai!” (bigger is better!), our car makers are offering the looks, the economy, the space, the comfort, the affordability… basically everything that the American consumers have been wanting from their SUVs. But then, the question arises, what is different? What are we doing different to make these mean machines purchasable?
The answer is pretty simple as well… we aint giving that much power.
Why? U may ask…
Well, because we don’t need it! I Can’t think of any mountain or “off-road” in any part of this country where these cars cant go!
I have been to a lot… and I mean A LOT of remote places in this country with horrible roads and found our rugged Mahindra Jeep running around! So big fancy SUV… not really a necessity.
What about the Himalayas? U may ask…
Let me inform you, Gypsy King is ruling the place for a long time now… even in rallies!
For the cities there are 3 major players, in the ‘absolute-affordable’ market I am talking about. They are- Tata’s Sumo Grande and Safari and Mahindra’s Scorpio. All three of them have a good market share of their own. The difference? Well this is the interesting part. New Sumo (Grande) and Safari have the same engine. In fact almost everything is similar, if not same (and I personally like Grande’s looks better)!
As for Safari and Scorpio (arch-rivals), Safari gives a little more bhp but then they are using more RPM to get there. I would have preferred if they used other methods to get there since that way they could have been able to maintain a good fuel economy. Since looks are a very individual choice… this is the point where Scorpio definitely scores one-up over Safari- Fuel economy.


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