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I am a guy with petrol running in my blood and a V12 in my chest cavity. i have a dog with an attitude problem and my girl frnd is convinced that i am having an affair with my Scorpio. I will try to offer you best advices on how to maintain your SUV, and how to save this world :) bleh.

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New Idea for a weekend date!! (In my Scorpio)


Not the fruit… the miraculous event where we guys end up spending our allocated budget for the entire year!!
So… Dates. Dates are a tricky thing. Where do you go? What do you wear?
Should you take her for dinner? or for movies? or for both?!
Should you… sorry, Are you… Are you supposed to get gifts? Flowers? Chocolates?... aaaaahhhhhhhh!!
You get the idea.

The Preface:
This weekend… 4th anniversary with girlfriend!!...
Had to try something new… She was in one of those ‘nothing is wrong’ mood…
Went for a date… in my Scorpio!!
Most memorable date till date!

The Date:
I picked her up from her house in Juhu and started off by giving her one of those big yellow flowers (her favourite… heaven knows what they are called). Then I attached my pen drive to the music player, reduced the bass from my woofer and played MLTR, James Blunt, etc. With the music system I’ve set up, it seemed like there was a band playing just for us! I kept changing the songs according to the moment and… I must say… having the remote attached to my Steering Wheel made it really convenient to keep holding hands every once in a while and also drive easily.

After getting a view of Juhu Beach we went straight to Carter road, then Band-stand. We had rolled the windows down to enjoy the cool sea breeze.
(note: she tied her hair so that she doesn’t get knots in them. Very important thing for girls but still very alien to me!)
Some times we would chat, some times we sang along and sometimes we just held hands, stayed quite and enjoyed the moment… basically, the idea was working, the drive was going well.
(note: wind on your face… sea… music… night- makes the atmosphere really romantic!)

It was time for the climax. I secretly called up a restaurant in Bandra (who I had spoken to before picking her up and also when we were leaving Juhu Beach) and said that I will be reaching in 5 minutes.
(note: no, after such a wonderful evening I wasn’t going to take her to some stupid restaurant!)
When I reached the restaurant many cars were parked there but i guess scorpio is not a car the waiter can miss. We picked up the food and went to Bandra Reclamation, where we parked the SUV with its back to the sea.
(note: the huge woofer in the rear seating space makes a good buffet table!)

The Climax:
We got out, had the Thai food - she loves it. Got back in the Scorpio, reversed it to face the sea now… pulled back our seats, reclined it a bit… I played her favourite songs that I was saving up for last… held hands… looked at the magnificent sea… looked at each other…then believe it or not we sat back and played snake and ladder like we used to when we were kids( the loser had to take the other shopping). Then an hour later I dropped her back home… before her mom would start calling!

The Best part:
And after I dropped her she kept messaging me as to how wonderful the evening was and that this was the best date ever!! The best part was that both of us never felt that we were sitting inside a car. Scorpio has got so much room it felt we were sitting in a planetarium and gazing at the marvels of nature!
I don’t want to put a cost to it but it was an anniversary date and it cost me just Rs. 1500!!

PS:Next I am going to take her for a long drive...Longer than she can imagine ;)...Planning to touch Goa and back in 24 hours... I am sure my Scorpio can do it and that would be one more adventure to share with my first love (my Sco
rpio that is!)


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