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Analysis and Review of Mahindra Xylo If you are someone who has been surfing the web and is interested in auto, it will be hard for you to miss the buzz .........Read more:

Hilarious Hyundai!

Ok, so it’s not a bad deal. In fact it’s actually pretty thoughtful in the current financial scenario of the world... especially America. But whatever it may be... it sounds hilarious!

Here it is:-
Hyundai’s latest promotion technique:
“If you buy a car and then lose your income... Hyundai will buy your car back!!”

haha... I know the auto industry (especially in the US) is facing a slump and many companies are trying all sorts of different promotions but this technique is so in the face and direct that it makes you laugh. I don’t know if I’m laughing at the situation of the industry or of us people but it made me laugh and I though I should share it.

Few Facts:
This offer is only available in USA, as of yet.
Hyundai is not a big player in the American market (they constitute of 3% of the total market).
They may be seeing this as an opportunity to cash in on a little share of the big pie!
The owners will have to pay the first couple of instalments to be eligible for this offer.
The offer is for a maximum waiver of $7500 from the debt.
Those who pay cash do not qualify.

Buyers can avail the offer within 12 months of purchase if any of the following occur:
n Involuntary unemployment
n Physical disability
n Loss of driver’s license for medical reasons
n Job transfer overseas
n Personal bankruptcy filing by a self-employed worker
n Accidental death

The sales predictions for 2009 are down to 10-12 million from the 16.7 million average sales per year in the last decade. Amongst others, Toyota has tried the 0% financing scheme and GM has an offer to lock in Gas prices at $1.99 but none of them have proved too effective.

According to reports, a few American buyers have started showing interest but have not yet started making any significant buying. Their advertising campaigns have very smartly used the national sentiments of the country with the line: “We’re all in this together and we’ll get through it together.”

Here is what the president and chief executive of Hyundai Motor America, John Krafcik, had to say, "In this uncertain economy, we are looking for ways to reassure shoppers that Hyundai still represents the best value in the auto industry."

Auto V/S Manual... the final decision

There are many never ending debates in the world. One of them being, of course, “are cars with Automatic transmission better or Manual?” Before we can answer that we need to know the basics:
The transmission in both, manual and automatic cars have the same job- to change gear ratios in order for the engine to give out the desired speed.

In simpler words, it allows the engine to work in its different, limited speeds, while giving the output of higher speeds. Or alternatively, to lower the speed.

Now, the practicality of it all:
Have you been in a traffic jam? Have you wanted to just cruise on a great patch of road / along the sea-coast / highway? Have you wanted to tow a vehicle on the road safely? Have you wanted to make driving less mechanical, more pleasurable and simpler?

If the answer to any of the above is YES... then you need to ‘delete’ the ‘C’ from the ‘ABC’ (Accelerator Brake Clutch)... in other words, you need to get a car with Automatic transmission.

Automatic cars are bliss in those horrible traffic jams where your legs are never off the Clutch. They are also great when you just wanna enjoy the ride. Once you get the car in the Drive mode you are cruising away to glory and your hands are free of the gear shaft. Even if you have to tow a vehicle on the road, Automatic vehicles will be better off, also safer, since you don’t have to Manually figure out the correct gear to tow in.

See, its simple, none of them is better or worse. It’s just a matter of preference. So if it’s a smooth and simple drive you want, Automatic is the way to go. If you want the smallest of control in your hand then go for the traditional Manual transmission. As for me... I cant handle the city roads anymore, I’m gonna let the smart engineering do the work for me while I sit back and relax... my next SUV is gonna be an Automatic!!

mahindra xylo review & analysis after launch

What makes the XYLO unique and far superior to sedans is simply the manner in which it was conceived and designed. Completely created from the inside out, the XYLO keeps all the needs and wants of the would-be passenger in mind. This translates into surprising legroom, both in the second and third row. Theatre style seating ensures that none of the passengers feel left out of the conversation, even if they are seated in the back row.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Independent AC vents ensure that the Surround Cool Dual AC cools all corners of this spacious car with individual controls for each passenger. The car’s stylish exterior is aptly complemented by plush interiors available in three sophisticated shades – Black, Walnut and Granite.

The Mahindra XYLO is also the only car to offer flatbed front seats, just like in the business class of a world-class airline. Additional unique features include foldable flight trays behind the front seats, individual reading lamps for each passenger and conveniently placed laptop and mobile charging points.

Close attention to the finer details is what makes the XYLO a winner. The car’s doors are fitted with puddle lamps, giving passengers visibility while alighting from the car at night. Cabin lights in the XYLO shut gradually after a few minutes, giving passengers enough time to settle inside the car. A wide arm rest in the front row provides the driver and co-passenger with comfort, while an integrated foot rest allows easy entry and exit.

One of the most revolutionary features of the XYLO is the tech-savvy Digital Drive Assist System (DDAS). An alphanumeric display in the centre panel, the DDAS has features such as an onboard computer to calculate mileage and distance permissible. The system is easy to read and provides useful data at a quick glance. Standard information available includes date, time, inside and outside temperature and relative humidity. It also lets you know exactly which direction your Mahindra XYLO is headed in. Press a button and you are informed of your gear position and speed. The DDAS will even tell you how long your fuel will last and share information on your average speed and the instant mileage clocked by you. All of which ensures that you derive optimum mileage from your Mahindra XYLO.

The DDAS also has an inbuilt warning system which will prompt you to put on your seat belts in case you forget or if you attempt to drive with the handbrake engaged, for instance. The Intellipark Reverse Assist has a visual prompt in the rear view mirror which shows you the distance between the rear bumper and any object behind your car.

The 2 Din Entertainment System is also feature packed. It enables playback from MP3s and CDs, SD cards and USB devices, giving you a superlative acoustic experience on the road.

Plenty of innovation has gone into making the XYLO a superior vehicle to drive. The sporty dials, the centre bezel curves and the advanced Digital Drive Assist System combine to give you the feel of an aeroplane cockpit. The driver’s seat is ergonomically designed with height adjustment control to maximise comfort on long drives. Lumbar support can also be adjusted to three positions while the unique tiltable steering wheel gives you the perfect driving position.

An illuminated keyhole ring allows you to conveniently locate the keyhole even in pitch dark conditions. Utility spaces abound in the Mahindra XYLO with a well defined Centre Console housing space for CDs, magazines, etc.

Mahindra Xylo Car Mahindra Xylo Car

This muscular car is powered by a state-of-the-art 2.49 litre mEagle CRDe engine which delivers a power-packed 112 bhp with 24 kilogram meter torque over a range of 1800 to 3000 rpm. The 2.49 litre engine is meshed with a five-speed manual gearbox and has been built on the Scorpio NEF CRDe engine family with relevant technological advancements. When a burst of power is needed, the top mounted intercooler delivers. Dual pilot injection increases the XYLO’s drivability scores, while advanced engine damping, hydraulic lash adjustor technology and auto tensioner ensure minimum service frequency and a pleasurable drive. On a long drive, you can zip down the straights with the long wheelbase and multi-link suspension keeping the XYLO composed and rock steady. The vehicle also tackles sharp bends effortlessly and skirts bumps with ease.

source: www.amitbhawani.com

Mahindra Xylo: A Case Study in Social media

The power of media has shifted! Here is a Case study

If you have read my previous article I had mentioned in detail about Mahindra Xylo. I had also mentioned the use of social media by Mahindra. When I really went a step further I realized that Mahindra is actually interacting with people on one to one basis. They are taking back feedback from us. We ordinary guys who have an opinion about everything on this planet and a company couldn’t care less about us. I was actually impressed when I saw this conversation happening on orkut where the Xylo admin was talking to a guy named vibhor... here is the conversation(this is may not be

And in the conversation if you noticed Admin actually knew vibhor as an Autocar forum participant…Mahindra actually knew a GUY on the net who is just as ordinary as you and me... And you know what! They may also know what I am writing over here right now! It’s awesome! They know me! Hooray! On a serious note clearly hats off to these guys! They never cease to amaze me.
So all I got to say is whatever you write in my comment section or in forums or anywhere else about Auto is being heard by the people who matter and can bring about a change. Thankfully it is not like our government who never listen to what people have to say. So go ahead share your opinion about Mahindra and other auto manufacturers online because now online is no longer a personal space it is a full-fledged media and all of you out there have the power.
PS: I am sure I am going to keep an eye on Mahindras’ activity on the web space and try to put it down here as it has now caught my attention. This is just the prelaunch activities let’s see what they do in the future. If any of you guys find something that Mahindra is doing online do let me know.