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Auto V/S Manual... the final decision

There are many never ending debates in the world. One of them being, of course, “are cars with Automatic transmission better or Manual?” Before we can answer that we need to know the basics:
The transmission in both, manual and automatic cars have the same job- to change gear ratios in order for the engine to give out the desired speed.

In simpler words, it allows the engine to work in its different, limited speeds, while giving the output of higher speeds. Or alternatively, to lower the speed.

Now, the practicality of it all:
Have you been in a traffic jam? Have you wanted to just cruise on a great patch of road / along the sea-coast / highway? Have you wanted to tow a vehicle on the road safely? Have you wanted to make driving less mechanical, more pleasurable and simpler?

If the answer to any of the above is YES... then you need to ‘delete’ the ‘C’ from the ‘ABC’ (Accelerator Brake Clutch)... in other words, you need to get a car with Automatic transmission.

Automatic cars are bliss in those horrible traffic jams where your legs are never off the Clutch. They are also great when you just wanna enjoy the ride. Once you get the car in the Drive mode you are cruising away to glory and your hands are free of the gear shaft. Even if you have to tow a vehicle on the road, Automatic vehicles will be better off, also safer, since you don’t have to Manually figure out the correct gear to tow in.

See, its simple, none of them is better or worse. It’s just a matter of preference. So if it’s a smooth and simple drive you want, Automatic is the way to go. If you want the smallest of control in your hand then go for the traditional Manual transmission. As for me... I cant handle the city roads anymore, I’m gonna let the smart engineering do the work for me while I sit back and relax... my next SUV is gonna be an Automatic!!


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