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Hilarious Hyundai!

Ok, so it’s not a bad deal. In fact it’s actually pretty thoughtful in the current financial scenario of the world... especially America. But whatever it may be... it sounds hilarious!

Here it is:-
Hyundai’s latest promotion technique:
“If you buy a car and then lose your income... Hyundai will buy your car back!!”

haha... I know the auto industry (especially in the US) is facing a slump and many companies are trying all sorts of different promotions but this technique is so in the face and direct that it makes you laugh. I don’t know if I’m laughing at the situation of the industry or of us people but it made me laugh and I though I should share it.

Few Facts:
This offer is only available in USA, as of yet.
Hyundai is not a big player in the American market (they constitute of 3% of the total market).
They may be seeing this as an opportunity to cash in on a little share of the big pie!
The owners will have to pay the first couple of instalments to be eligible for this offer.
The offer is for a maximum waiver of $7500 from the debt.
Those who pay cash do not qualify.

Buyers can avail the offer within 12 months of purchase if any of the following occur:
n Involuntary unemployment
n Physical disability
n Loss of driver’s license for medical reasons
n Job transfer overseas
n Personal bankruptcy filing by a self-employed worker
n Accidental death

The sales predictions for 2009 are down to 10-12 million from the 16.7 million average sales per year in the last decade. Amongst others, Toyota has tried the 0% financing scheme and GM has an offer to lock in Gas prices at $1.99 but none of them have proved too effective.

According to reports, a few American buyers have started showing interest but have not yet started making any significant buying. Their advertising campaigns have very smartly used the national sentiments of the country with the line: “We’re all in this together and we’ll get through it together.”

Here is what the president and chief executive of Hyundai Motor America, John Krafcik, had to say, "In this uncertain economy, we are looking for ways to reassure shoppers that Hyundai still represents the best value in the auto industry."


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