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Nostradamus 2010: Was Leonardo da Vinci an SUV freak ?!

Note: Well this is the first part of an interesting series I am intending to start. Here I will try and compare well known personalities from our history and give a logical reasoning on the kind of car the person was likely to drive if he was born in this century.

I know SUV's were not in existence when Leonardo da Vinci- the great Painter, Sculptor, Anatomy Expert, Architect and Engineer was alive. Leave SUVs aside, not even cars existed during his time but I have reason to believe that if they did exist… he would prefer SUVs over meek cars any day.

Think about it, here is a great Polymath who has not only painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper but has also been a sculptor. Somehow I don’t see people who carve life out of stones (not an easy task mind you) as traveling in meek cars. I see them as big tough people with a beard who want something bigger and more adventurous.

Speaking of adventurous, not many may know this but he was also the person who has been credited with being one of the first ever to design a moving vehicle (although he only sketched it and did not happen to make a working model because of lack of support, material, etc. maybe) And the guy did not even live past 1519 A.D.!! During that time no one would have even thought something like this possible but he was a person who designed not only a vehicle but also his own early designs for the Parachute, Submarine, Helicopter, Airplane and the Tank!!
Tell me, do you see such a person driving a slender sedan or a Big Rugged “Im-Gonna-Conquer-The-World” SUV?

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