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Tata nano: a point of view / review

Well the people's car is here. Dressed in yellow, this light-on-the-pockets car is available for a preview at most of the Westside and Croma outlets in the city. It claims to accomodate 5 passengers, this car is a rear engine drive and has a bootspace of 150 litres (which is in the front, where conventionally engines are supposed to be). Also, it satisfies the frontal crash test demands and is hence labelled as a ‘safe drive’. It’s a 624cc drive and has a 33bhp engine. Priced at less than Rs. 2 lakh (yes, the on road price reaches so far) is something which is bold and commendable. Impressive enough.
But I guess what Mr. Ratan Tata failed to notice are the factors that turn this dream car of the common man into a nightmare. Mr. Tata advised that this is not meant for highway drives and also that the petrol engines might turn out to be a bit noisy!! When he was asked about the emission which is not safe, he easily changed the topic by saying that its a vehicle which fulfills the massess right to have an individual transport. This fact is, essentially, something to be appreciated… but the product which fulfills the fact is definatly not.
With so many different companies in the market producing the best of products, installed with different gizmos and reasonably priced, the expectations of an Indian buyer has increased. Compared to its competitors, Tata Nano seems to be outdated as it is not equipped with the latest techs available in the market these days. In fact, if I compare it with the yesteryear cars like Maruti 800, it will have a hard time competing with them as well. With its 800cc power, Maruti 800 used to have constant hiccups while going through an incline. Nano, with its 4 bhp low would, I guess, go on a permanent strike while performing the same act. The wheels of the car seem to be stolen from an autorickshaw and will never be able to hold on to the road at a bend. Unfortunately Indian roads are not smooth and bend more. In my opinion Tata Nano, at best, is a car for people who have never tasted better and will get easily overwhelmed with the ‘cute’ and ‘chik’ looks of this one.
In the end I would say, Tata Nano is a like a Yash Chopra movie. Acceptable emotionally but definitely does not work in reality.


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