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Bosch Tie up with Scorpio

I don’t think anyone needs an introduction on Bosch. It is a global giant and a technology leader. A world fueled with the technological revolution is setting high standards for the role of safety in automotive electronics. It would be hard to find any vehicle in the world which runs without a Bosch component. They are definitely the trend setters in advanced motoring.

In the Indian automobile industry, which is also currently witnessing revolutionary changes with technological advancement, Bosch, the largest auto parts supplier in the country, made its larger presence by commissioning its electronic control unit (ECU) for diesel and gasoline fuel injection systems at Naganathapura in Bangalore.

So far the company was meeting the requirements of all the major OEMs in the country by importing ECUs from its overseas operations, including those in China and Europe. With an appreciable increase in automobile production in India since last few years, Bosch realized the urgent need to establish its indigenized manufacturing unit for ECUs at Naganathapura not only to meet the growing demand of its customers but also to ensure a quicker delivery at lower cost. However, there is no compromise on the quality of Bosch ECUs produced in India. The Indian production facilities indeed conform to the world standard similar to the company plants in Hungary, Mexico and China.

Over the past few years, Bosch has been introducing its innovative products to the Indian market as part of its increased commitment to India. The company has already introduced the Common Rail Injection System for diesel vehicles, which has revolutionized the Indian diesel car and SUV markets. The system will also be made available in the commercial vehicle segment in India in the near future.

Another Bosch innovation is the Start-Stop System, which can save fuel consumption of 8-12 per cent, is already in use in Mahindra’s Scorpio and Bolero models. The next in the offing is the anti-lock braking system, which will be manufactured in India from this year.


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