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Honey I shut the Kids!

OK Indian parents! Please don’t get defensive when I say this but kids are annoying and real trouble makers. I know you all agree with me (come on no one is watching you- just nod your head). Do you remember those days when you used to ride with your lover alone? You could smell freedom in the air. It was pure pleasure, no interruption whatsoever.

Ok maybe I am getting a bit harsh. Children are also a great source of entertainment during travel if you know how to handle them properly. They can make the trip quite pleasurable indeed. But for that planning is very important. One way to avoid distractions during travel is to leave for the trip around the child’s sleeping time. Let them settle in and they would immediately go to sleep. This way you will cover initial part of the journey without little or no distractions. But you have to be careful to adjust your sleep timings in a way that you are refreshed when you begin your journey. It is crucial that the driver is very alert especially during night drives.

There are a few more things you can do to keep your kid engaged. Let him pack his own small backpack. Allow him to keep things that he is very used to playing at home (personally Sony PSP is my life saver). You may want to assist him pack his bag and explaining him why he would want to take certain things.

Following are some ideas which can be used while traveling.
  • Age appropriate reading material such as picture books for small children and reading books for older children.
  • Music playing devices such as MP3 or CD player. Remember to bring along an extra set of batteries.If you can, install a DVD player in the vehicle. Play a movie the child loves.
  • Age appropriate activity books such as puzzle books.
  • Child specific backpack with personal items of their choice. Plastic drinking cups with built in straws that can have juice or water frozen in them prior to trip will reduce spilling and the need for ice.
  • Electronic games
  • Snack package containing fruit snacks or wafers. The only thing to keep in mind is to buy snacks that will not leave sticky residue on fingers, face or automobile seats. Snacks can be packed to fit into a child’s personal backpack.
Keeping in mind the amount of time that will be required to travel to ones destination will help in determining just how many items the child should bring along. So these are few things I follow when I have to take my nephew along anywhere. I hope this helps you distract the kids from creating more distractions :)


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