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Metrosexual SUV ??

Recently I came up with the news that Audi is planning to launch Its Luxury vehicle Q5 in India. Well technically it’s a superior car and any new born would gleefully look at Q5 whizzing by an Indian road. But I am annoyed, because Audi calls it an SUV!

Here is the news snippet I came across “German luxury car maker, Audi, added a new vehicle in its sports utility vehicle (SUV) portfolio, launching new Q5 in diesel and petrol variants. The SUV comes with two engine options 2.0 TFSI and 3.0 TDI in price range of Rs. 38.29 lakh and Rs. 44.19 lakh respectively at all 11 dealerships of Audi in India.
Audi India Managing Director, Benoit Tiers said: “The Audi Q5 combines the dynamism of a sports sedan with Audi’s all-wheel drive to create a superior technology package for both on
and off-road driving.”
The company launched premium Q5 despite low demand across automobile segment. Earlier, it sold Q7, the bigger version of Q5, in the domestic market with sale of 1,050 cars in India.
It has set a target to sell 1500 units of its six models namely A4, A6, A8, TT, R8 and Q7 in the current fiscal.
Mr. Tiers further added, “The luxury car market is growing at a faster pace in India and we are targeting that. We plan to sell 100 Q5 SUV this year, and take it up to 500 by next year. Overall, we have set a target to sell 1,500 cars in 2009.

I wonder why I hate foreign SUVs so much. Is it the bad fuel efficiency, the high price or simply that the SUVs made internationally are less of sport and more of luxury? The design is getting smoother day by day and the marketing promises comfortable city drive. City drive? Whatever happened to the use of “Off roading” as a synonym for SUVs. Well by the time I complain here they may have already sold a few pieces. The only point I am trying to make is that they should put all these ultra modern luxury vehicles into a new genre instead of ‘metrosexualising’ SUVs


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