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Renault- Sandero Details

Renault, French car manufacturer has become a household name after its joint venture with Mahindra. It has proved its success after it launched the Mahindra Renault Logan - Mid Sized sedan in April 2007.

Well there is great news! The company has plans to launch the Sandero SUV which is first in the queue to be launched in India and it was actually built for the Brazilian markets.
The two basic qualities of the compact Sandero make it a good ‘Urban Sport’ vehicle includes roominess and robustness. The SUV will be matted with a 1.5-Litre dCi diesel engine similar to the one on the Logan and comes with a stylish bumpers and grille, chrome-finished exhaust pipe, cozy and spacious interiors with seating capacity of five adults, and roof rails.

The high-set position of the driver’s seat is an exclusive feature which makes driving extremely comfortable especially for women. It not only helps short drivers by aiding them in seeing the road better but also gives them a feeling of superiority in any urban road condition.

And believe it or not the best part of the Sandero Stepway is that it is expected to be priced at around Rs 5 Lakh. That’s right my friends. I am sure Mahindra will have to play an important role to play in getting the vehicle at the miraculous cost. Unlike other Renault cars, this revolutionary SUV is all set to invade the mid-size SUV segment and repeat the success of the Logan. Hail Renault! :)


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