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Tips on how to test a test drive

Well you went to an auto website and booked a test drive, few days later you have the keys in your hand. Now what? What are you supposed to check while have a test drive?

There are many things a person can check on basis of his personal preferences however I would just be mentioning the standard things to check out while taking a test drive.

Go online and check out for test drive reviews for the vehicle you wish to purchase. note down the negatives and positives mentioned by other users.
Let’s Get Acquainted
There is no point in test driving a vehicle that doesn’t offer the desired features. Before requesting the keys from the salesperson, become acquainted with the vehicle. Inspect the exterior and interior thoroughly. Find out what features the vehicle has and where they are located. If the seats collapse or can be removed, test the feature. Open the trunk or cargo area with each form of access: key, button, remote. Open all of the doors, and sit in all of the seats to determine comfort and convenience.
The View from the Passenger Seat
Allow the salesperson to drive the vehicle first. While in the passenger seat, check the radio, air conditioning, windows, locks and other manual or electronic features. Listen for noises coming from inside and/or outside the vehicle. The vehicle should be well insulated so there shouldn’t be much noise from outside. Be aware of any rattles from the engine. This is a great opportunity to ask questions without the distraction of driving so don’t be shy.
Be Honest, Not Reckless
Adjust the seats, mirrors, steering wheel and pedals before starting the vehicle. Turn the radio off and buckle the seatbelt. Now the drive begins, but lets face it, most drivers do not drive well and a test drive is not the time to start. It’s important to know how the vehicle will respond to every day mistakes like keys left in the ignition, lights left on or unlocking the vehicle from the outside through the open window. While driving, test how well the vehicle handles your daily driving. Don’t take this opportunity to test the limits of the vehicle, just make sure it can sustain less-than-perfect driving habits. Remember to check visibility during parking and backing up, too. If more than one person will be driving the vehicle frequently, have both of them test drive the vehicle. Both drivers should feel comfortable and safe in the vehicle before purchase.
Once is Not Enough
Test driving a vehicle doesn’t not mean that a purchase has to be made that day. Take time to compare the features, comfort and drivability to other vehicles. Don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars to have your mechanic look at the vehicle and/or take it for a drive. It’s better to spend a little money now instead of a lot of money a few months down the road. Take the vehicle on a second spin and spend some time thinking before making a final decision.


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