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Effective ways to save fuel – Tips which will save you some money

With the budget coming in the fuel prices are expected to go up. I don’t need any market analyst to tell me that. Fuel is a finite source and the more we deplete it the more it will cost. Well trying to get a better mileage is not just good for your pocket but also for the environment. I am sure most of them don’t care about the latter so here are some tips to save you some money.

Don’t use your accelerator like a drum pedal. Stop alternating between high and low speeds. Accelerate your vehicle slowly and steadily and quickly jump into high gears. Always try and drive on high gears but at the same time on a hill slope always be on lower gears. Consciously practicing this can help you save 40% of your fuel consumption

Please drive your vehicle under the speed limit mentioned on the roads (wherever it is mentioned) not only because it will save your life or some fine but also because it will help save some fuel. Less fuel is consumed at slower speed (no theory needed to prove this). If you go from 60 km/h to 95 km/h your fuel consumption increases by 20%

Try buying the new micro hybrid variety of vehicles which Mahindra and Tata are giving as an option in higher variants. It basically cuts your vehicles idling time. I understand switching off your engine in traffic jams and restarting sometimes becomes a pain, the microhybrid technology does exactly that without you needing to interfere.

Under-inflated tires increase consumption by 6%. Keep a check on your tires air-pressure frequently. This practoise may spare your life and also save you some money

You can also reduce costs by using your air conditioner sparingly. If you think its cold enough outside, open the windows. This will also help you stay awake on long drives. Depending on the speed though, using an air conditioner can be efficient. So the faster you are, the more efficient it might be to turn the air conditioner on due to wind resistance on the windows.

In the owner’s manual there is detail of which fuel best suits the vehicle (yes there is something called as the owner manual which comes with the car). Always try and use the fuel best suited for your vehicle type. Apart from fuel it will also save you some engine maintenance.

As I always say, keep servicing your vehicle from authorized service centre. A properly tuned engine can increase 50% fuel consumption and a poorly maintained Air-filter can reduce 10 %

While parking your vehicle check on a few things:
Switch of all power accessories like the AC, music system etc so that the next time you start your vehicle it doesn’t need to draw extra power to start
Check if the fuel is cap is tightly sealed
Try to always try to park it under some shade. It keeps the car cool and the engine does not have to provide additional power to the AC to cool the interiors. It also helps prevent fuel evaporation.


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