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New “Reclaim your life” campaign from Tata Safari-a fake!

When I saw the new Dicor Ad first time I was floored, from shots of snow covered mountains to sunny terrains and waterfalls. New Zealand looked picture perfect and the narration said ‘If you looked back on your life, what would you remember? The corner office? The corporate power plays? The VIP lounge?’ and I was like how did they manage to make such a classy Ad till i unraveled the truth.

Here is the Safari Ad

Of course it did not do any justice to the brand as the film is about giving up the ‘corner room’ and then living life. The Ad must have been developed with the insight that majority of people aren’t following what they had dreamt of in their early days.

But an average Safari user is not the corner room, VIP lounge guy anyway – he is the earthy, outdoorsy guy and the Ad may miss the real Safari audience. And somehow I felt that they were not able to portray the ‘office slavery’ concept properly. There was no frustration or aggression which usually the ‘corner room guys’ have.

I felt deep inside that concept was fine but it does not fit safari properly. It looked more like an Ad for New Zealand tourism. Maybe a high end SUV would have fit into this classy, soft Ad that they have made for the corporate executives.

And guess what came as a shock. While looking around I came across a Landrover Ad which is based on the same concept. After seeing it I realized what a cheap imitation our Ad is. Here I thought that Indian creative guys are getting better but they couldn’t even copy the Ad as is. My hunch about safari being a mismatch in the Ad was right the ad was for Landrover. I am disappointed.

Here is the Landrover Ad


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