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Top gadgets and accessory for Indian SUV 2009


MUST MUST MUST have an LCD monitor in your SUV. It is definitely great entertainment for people sitting behind as well as you when someone else is driving. An SUV has great head room so I would advise you to have a roof mounted LCD. Not only because it fits perfectly for a good viewing angle but also because it will not distract the driver (LCDs on dashboard tend to do that). Usually people sitting in the back row of an SUV tend to feel claustrophobic because they can’t see anything right ahead. A roof mounted LCD will keep them relaxed. It is also useful to keep your kids from distracting you. So all in all a great deal. And you should find a good monitor for around 8000 INR

Things to check while buying

· English OSD Menu
· Display : TFT Active Matrix System
· High Resolution
· Two Video Inputs
· Full Function Remote Control
· Dome Lights
· Built in IR Transmitter
· Built in Clock

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