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It’s a Life and Death situation– Tips to avoid accidents

No one likes accident and no one deliberately crashes his/her car into someone else’s or lets it just swerve out of control. But accidents do happen and it clearly defines the difference between Life and Death. Accidents are usually a split-second affair where the driver never realizes what has gone wrong. Although, in a lot of situations, steadfast presence of mind can help you avoid accidents. Here are some tips and precautions you ought to follow for safe driving.

Don’t be naughty, don’t drink and drive:

There are many smart alecs who are drunk to the point of no return but still think, “I am perfectly fine,” while driving. Even if you are mildly intoxicated you are still vulnerable. This happens because, no matter how much you deny it, your reaction time increases with alcohol and drugs. Never drive under the influence of intoxicants.

If you are Sleepy, Pull Over

Don’t stretch yourself by putting yourself behind the wheel when you are feeling tired and sleepy. It could make for the most dangerous situation. When feeling sleepy while driving, pull over on the side and catch a quick nap.

Red Light means stop, not jump the signal

You could get away from the friendly traffic cop at the signal when you jump a red light but you will never be able to reverse your car when there is another car coming right at you at that junction. Traffic rules are made for your safety. Follow them.

Good brakes, ABS (Anti-lock braking System)

Recent developments in technology have seen the ABS come into use. ABS keeps the car’s wheels from locking up under hard braking on slippery surfaces like sand, loose grave and oil. Drive vehicles like Mahindra Xylo which come with the ABS feature.

Maintain control at all times, avoid Overcorrecting

Some accidents can easily be avoided if you just stay calm. Many accidents happen due to overcorrection. Don’t swerve the car too much to avoid things like road-cones, tumbleweeds, tires, plastic bins etc. It won’t hurt too much even if you run into such things. Swerving your car hard to the right or left instead can throw it out of control.

Keep Safe Distance

You must have come across innumerable vehicles with the message “AIR BRAKE – Keep Safe Distance” painted in vivacious fonts on the rear bumper. Do not go and kiss the vehicles in front of you with the front bumper of your car. Maintain safe distance for your own safety.

Follow the speed limits and Caution signs

Following speed limits and paying heed to caution signs like “Accident prone area – Drive Slow,” will only help you be more secure in your journey. Ignoring this can land you in accidents which you could have easily avoided.

Be alert and pay attention all the time

Practices like changing the CD in the music system, frantically brushing off the cigarette that has fallen off your lips onto your pants, talking on your mobile phone, leaning down to pick up something are all recipes for disaster.

Never change lanes without looking

When changing lanes, always look in your rear-view mirror and make sure you are not cutting into anyone’s way.

One consideration which is not necessarily a compulsion for driving safety but nonetheless can be very vital is the build quality and how sturdy your car is. GM is known for its build quality, reliability and safety options. An SUV like Mahindra Scorpio also packs in a number of safety features like collapsible steering column, crumple zone, fire retardant upholstery, tubeless tyres and ABS can save you from severe damage.