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2 Mahindra Scorpios go further and beyond

“The future of India lies in its youth”. A lot of very wise men have emphasized this for as long as my memory serves me. In reality however, the youth were drawn inexplicably to urban life, and were disconnected from the grassroots reality which exists in the real India-the countryside. Which is why, for all its promise, the youth never really delivered what it promised.

As we speak though, a group of ten young fellas, all extremely well educated and representative of urban youth are planning to change all that. They are making their trip of a lifetime into the hinterland to see for themselves, what makes India the great country that it is. They have set out on a 45 day trip across the nation, leaving the comfort of their city lives behind. And corporate India is backing their ‘Discovery of India’.

Chacha Nehru would have been so proud.

Leading the corporate brigade is Mahindra, which has provided them with two state of the art, completely outfitted Scorpios. These Scorpios are just the beasts they need to tame the terrain as they go cross country.

 Also, MTR with their ready to eat meals, STAR CJ, Map My India with GPS tracking and Nikon with their SLRs are also crucially involved.

This 45-day trip will see them travel across seven Indian states. They have already set out from Mumbai on their quest through central India. From the locally chaotic social life of UP, Bihar and the culturally exuberant Temple art of Khajuraho, they will then drive along the Himalayan range into Bhutan and then on to the virgin land of Arunachal Pradesh landing up at the farthest point of our country.

Alongside, they have also taken the time out to maintain a blog, which will let others of their generation peek into their experiences at the blog. For those of you on facebook, you can hear from them as it happens at the facebook page . Last heard, they were visiting India’s oldest university at Nalanda in Bihar. Hope this inspires many more undertake their own Scorpio expeditions across the country.  

Source: Xerxes - Xomba

Off-roading Experience in India - Scorpio conquers Rajmachi

Guest post by my friend Varun
Having lived in a city the best part of my driving life, the joy of driving had escaped me. Being stuck in traffic every single weekday on my way to work had ensured I hated the sight of the steering wheel on the weekends. Then, I hit upon the great idea of going off roading. This was around July last year.

To off road, I needed to find myself a good trail and a great SUV. I borrowed my friend’s Scorpio for the same, which was recommended by a few off roaders I met at the community meet for an off road forum in Mumbai. For a weekend getaway, they also suggested I hit the Rajmachi stretch, which provides ample opportunity for the kind of off roading I was looking at. The terrain is real challenging when it rains, and as luck would have it, it rained when I drove there!

Getting there:
Mumbai to Rajmachi is 121 km, and the drive from Mumbai to Rajmachi takes about 2 hours by car. Some off road essentials they suggested:

Hitch and Winch
A front-mount and/or rear-mount hitch. Say you or your buddy slide off of the trail and get buried in too much mud for the truck to handle. With your winch and a stable, secure mounting point (like a thick tree trunk or another vehicle) you can quickly and easily pull the truck back to safety

Off Road Recovery Kit
These kits typically contain heavy-duty tow straps, gloves and a spot light to help you get the most out of your winch system.

Tire Gauge and Compressor
To adjust tire pressure, depending on the terrain.
Bull bar / Grille Guard or Light Bar These guards protect your vehicle’s bumper, grille and headlights when you’re tearing through things.

If you plan on driving after dark, you can get some heavy duty lights.
The Ride: We (me and my girlfriend) set out in the morning around 8 from Bandra in Mumbai to avoid the morning traffic. Reached Rajmachi around 11(we stopped for breakfast). It had been cloudy throughout. Just as we hit the trail, it started to rain. We couldn’t believe our luck!

We decided to give the rain some time to slush up the terrain before we could tear it. We spent an hour by the roadside taking in the greenery. An hour later, the terrain was perfect and looked daunting. Just what we were looking for!
We tore the terrain, as slowly as we could, just to feel those bumps, and take in the sweet smell of slush as it rose from our wheels. That one ride and I fell in love with the wheel all over again.

And The Scorpio handled it like a dream. The suspension is both comfortable and intuitive at the same time, allowing you that satiation every time you negotiate the tricky road, while reassuringly securing you as well. The build of the Scorpio makes you feel like you own the terrain (The car you walk into, not crawl into!). And at the end of the road, it came out a winner.

As for us, the terrain helped us de stress and reconnect with nature, and is an experience I will remember for a while. I strongly recommend it to everyone who’s reading this.