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Analysis and Review of Mahindra Xylo If you are someone who has been surfing the web and is interested in auto, it will be hard for you to miss the buzz .........Read more:

Analysis and Review of Mahindra Xylo

Aaaah well I need to talk
about this. If you are someone who has been surfing the web and is interested in auto, it will be hard for you to miss the buzz that is going on. Mahindra Xylo which was previously codenamed Ingenio was supposed to launch this month. But now it has been postponed to 13th Jan because of some idiots who created havoc in Mumbai with their AK’s. I cannot stop appreciating Mahindra for this decision they took considering peoples sentiments were already down.

Okay a little info on what Xylo is for people who are oblivious to what is happening around them. As far as the word is out Xylo is an MPV with a 2.5 liter CRDe. The specifications are obviously not revealed but what we all know is that Scorpio CRDe engine which is 2600 cc produces 115bhp at 3800rpm and 28.3 kgm of torque between 1700-2200rpm and Xylo is supposedly to have the same engine.

Now you must be thinking why a guy who swears by an SUV is talking about an MPV...that is because I am not in love with the word SUV, I am in love with its features! I propagate the carpooling concept very strongly and I think an MPV is par excellence in that matter. The only reason I didn’t like MPVs’ were because of the looks and the power which is usually compromised. However Mahindra is successful in creating an MPV which looks neat and masculine (according to Autocar image) and is also loaded with power.

Mahindra also launched this sweet little teaser website (www.mahindraxylo.co.in) which gives you sneak peak of Xylo. But what I liked the most about the website is the interview with the international photographer Lou, his views on Xylo really matters as he has seen so many international models first hand. The second thing I loved was that the website has a ‘be linked’ section in the website which has links to official pages on digg, delicious, Orkut and Facebook. I was wondering when was the last time an Indian giant ever had social media links on their website let alone be present in social media.

Mahindra is still young, hip and trendy…it reflects in their car design, their website and their attitude...I am sure this is what will make them go all the way in the global market…won’t be long before Mahindra will be compared to the likes of Porsche and Ferrari..Way to go! And thanks to Mr. Pawan Goenka and team, India will be proud of them!


  1. Dipendre said...

    Really honest and nice review. I am really looking forward to Xylo's launch.

    The site is a very good concept. Never tried before.

    The orkut community on Xylo is also very strong and the car hasn't even been launched yet !

  2. Neil coutinho said...

    thanks for the compliments..keep reading..cheerio!

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