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I am a guy with petrol running in my blood and a V12 in my chest cavity. i have a dog with an attitude problem and my girl frnd is convinced that i am having an affair with my Scorpio. I will try to offer you best advices on how to maintain your SUV, and how to save this world :) bleh.

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The Senseless Indian Auto Market

Ok, so there are two car companies who will soon be coming out with a model each. The first one is Honda. They are launching a small car named Jazz. It is going to be the most expensive small car in the segment with an expected price tag of Rs. 7 Lakh (Delhi)!! It will have all the safety features of a sedan or an SUV along with a 1200cc VTEC petrol engine. It’s interesting to note that the competitors in terms of price, for this small car are: Ford Ikon, Tata Safari and Mahindra Scorpio!!
The other company is BMW. They are on the other extreme end of the spectrum with their plans to launch the coupe Roadster Z4. The price range for this, if anyone wants to know, is a staggering 50-60 Lakh. The Roadster has a hard-folding top and can run at speeds of 250 kmph.
Now the reason for the title of this article:
Why should I spend Rs. 7 Lakh on a vehicle (Honda Jazz) that has an engine displacement which around half of my current vehicle (Mahindra Scorpio) when it is costing the same?!
Also, why should I pay around 8 times the cost of my current vehicle to buy a car that I won’t even be able to use to half its capacity?!
This is one issue that I absolutely can’t understand. If anyone is spending Rs. 7 Lakh then why do it on a small car that stuffs 5 people inside? Or why pay Rs. 60 Lakh for a sports car that you can’t drive to its full potential simply because there are no roads to drive them on? Wouldn’t it be infinitely wiser to pay Rs. 7 Lakh and buy a stylish, comfortable SUV like, say, Mahindra’s Scorpio, that lets 7 people sit inside comfortably and can go anywhere in this beautiful country… irrespective of the fact whether there are good roads, bad roads or no roads!!


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