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Top gadgets and accessory for Indian SUV 2009 - part 3


I know, you are a great driver your estimations are never wrong and you can park your car on any terrain with ease. But well mistakes happen and if you are not sure you should use the reverse assistants. There are two types of reverse assistants: Back mounted camera and Back mounted sensor.

Back Mounted Camera

This arrangement has a camera fit to your rear bumper and an LCD to view it on your dashboard. Whenever you switch to reverse gear the camera activates giving you a low angle view on your background. This camera prevents you from bumping into sharp low lying object which you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. You can get this for around 6,000 INR

Things to check before buying
· Flush
mount waterproof camera
· CMOS Night Vision Camera
· IR Distance: 3M-5M
· Power Consumption: DC12V

Back Mounted Sensor

For the ones who don’t want to spend a lot of money on reverse assistant you can install the back mounted sensor. Usually most cars are giving away this gadget in the high end versions. I Know for sure that Scorpio does. This arrangement works with a sensor on you back bumper which gives the distance between the car and the nearest object lying behind. The data is projected on a special mirror for the driver. Whenever you are too close to an object the sensors start to beep alarming the driver. You should get this for around 1,500 INR

Things to check before buying
· Choose sensor colour similar to your vehicle body colour ( so that it is not noticeable)
· Software programmed
· Distance measurement through display
· Alarm indication with different tones

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