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Top gadgets and accessory for Indian SUV 2009 - part 4


This is for parents who are worried that their children maybe driving rash at great speeds. This gadget can surely prevent a lot of accident situations. The Road Speed Limiter controls the vehicle speed at a programmable set speed. So if you dont want your child to drive above 80 Kmph then you should look at this option. Your child will not able to change the settings as it is password protected. It also helps improve fuel economy, since set-speed does not cross the optimum vehicle speed. It also increases Engine life and reduces operating and maintenance cost. Well it sounds like a great option but would cost around 12-15,000 INR but if you look at the positives and the money you will save by installing this equipment you should get a return on investment within a year.
Things to check before buying

· Types:
A) DC Motor type (single speed)
B) Fuel Solenoid type (single speed and dual speed)
· Micro-controller based design
· The product should not reduce fuel flow to engine and ensure full power to it
· Password protected


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