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I found some more funny traffic rules ....

now the circus, we r doomed if the police does not have a breath analyser but suspects u of drunken driving!

We will be instructed to take 9 steps, heel-to-toe but if we:

i. are unable to keep balance while listening to instructions.
ii. begin before instructions are finished.
iii. stop while walking, to regain balance.
iv. do not touch heel-to-toe.
v. use arms to balance.
vi. lose balance while turning. vii. take an incorrect number of steps.
We will be detained!!

We may also be instructed to keep one foot approx 6 inches off the ground and count aloud till further notice but if we:
viii. start swaying.
ix. use arms to balance.
x. hop to maintain balance.
xi. put the foot down.
We will be detained!!
note: i dont know about u guys but for a country that hardly ever wins any medals in the Olympics, this seems real tough to me!
and then,
  • driving without the rear number plate being illuminated is a serious offence!
  • we can not stop on a zebra crossing (start looking out for the ever fading line that no one cares about)
  • the driver can not leave the vehicle with the engine turned on. Not even if the car is in neutral with the hand-brakes pulled!! so basically anyone sitting inside should die in the heat! (maybe this is a population control method in disguise!)
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