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does driving an SUV need SPECIAL SKILLS??

I dont think anyone will disagree with the fact that there is a huge rise in the sheer number of SUV's that are being seen in the cities. In fact, this SUV trend is pretty evident throughout the country if u go to see (and i am happy!).
As i've already said in my last post(click here to see), the skills of the drivers are equal in both the cities (Delhi-Mumbai). That being said, many people think that driving an SUV specifically needs special skills since it is a bigger, heavier vehicle with the chances of a 'turtle' happening always at a high due to its high ground clearance... They are right and wrong.
Now, while driving an SUV is not half as difficult as driving jumbo jet! The above mentioned have been the issues that have been coming forward with SUVs in the past. But then we can also be assured that the companies who are investing millions on these cars will take care of any problem that arises (if they wanna continue earning the millions, that is!)
The latest mHawks, for instance, that have come out from the Mahindra stable, are equipped with features like:
ABS (or Anti-lock Braking System) that makes sure u don't lose the control of your car and if the car is in control it will never 'turtle'.
Cruise Control, this is perfect for long drives/highways where u can rest your feet and let the machine take over for a while as it continues to move at a constant, controlled speed.
The Parking Assist is a small but important feature that will be used the most often in the cities i guess. It is helpful while reversing the big beasts to park them. Ultra-sonic sensors judge the distance between the car and anything in the way and display it on the rear view mirror! Very Bond... James Bond!
Sounds so simple isn't it? Well, it actually is. ABS, cruise control and parking assist apart from stuff like 'fire retardant upholstery', 'rain sensor' and 'crash protection crumple zone' make the experience of driving a SUV further more enjoyable, safer and u dont need special training for it either!


  1. Indian Car Blog said...

    Very well written post. Its all about getting used to. Now once you get used to whether you are driving a SUV or a hatchback, you will find it easy.

  2. Neil coutinho said...

    thanks for the compliments still drawing inspiration from you guys. i read your blog sometimes.. good stuff out there!

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